Important Shipping Policy

We ship Monday through Wednesday. Please be aware that if your temperature is below 40F or above 80F, your package must be held for pick up at your local post office for the live arrival guarantee, and the box must be picked up within 24 hours of the USPS time stamp indicating that the box is ready for pick up. ***IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS WITH LIVE ARRIVAL, YOU MUST CONTACT US WITHIN ONE HOUR OF THE DELIVERY TIME STAMP.*** Please email us at or click the chat button if you have any questions.


We are your affordable, trusted source for buying isopods, pet roly-polies, bioactive clean-up crews, and springtails. We are located in Florida, and we have the necessary USDA and FDACS permits. Our isopods and springtails were submitted to FDACS, and the taxonomists examined and identified our isopods and springtails. You can buy with confidence knowing our arthropods have been professionally identified.