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*SPRINGTAILS* Entomobrya unostrigata Cotton Springtails

*SPRINGTAILS* Entomobrya unostrigata Cotton Springtails

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*If your temperature is under 40F or above 80F, box must be held for pick up for live arrival guarantee.  Even if you will be home to receive the package, these are live animals and cannot survive extreme temperatures in a hot or cold delivery vehicle all day.  Live arrival guaranteed for the count purchased.  It does not include any extras that may be sent.  Please read full shipping policy.

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Check out our natural decor - seed pods, leaf litter, moss, and other botanicals and bioactive natural decor ship free with CUCs, isopods, and springtails.

Small-medium sized springtail that tolerates semi-arid environments.  Extremely slow reproducing, and they are not the easiest springtail to keep.  It does not work well for us in bioactive enclosures.  The 8oz. culture is on a soil substrate, and it contains 30+ springtails.

If you are searching for springtails for an arid or semi-arid bioactive enclosure, Lepidocyrtus fimicolus 24K, Seira dowlingi, or our Mixed springtail culture work very well.  Always keep a damp area under the water dish or provide a bug den to keep your clean-up crew healthy and happy.  

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