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*SPRINGTAILS* Arrhhopalites caecus Globular Cave Springtail *EXCELLENT FOR BIOACTIVES*

*SPRINGTAILS* Arrhhopalites caecus Globular Cave Springtail *EXCELLENT FOR BIOACTIVES*

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These are some very interesting springtails!  A must-have for any collection.  They look like grains of sand moving about the soil.  Small globular springtails on a soil substrate.  They prefer a more humid environment, but they can tolerate some dryness.  These work well as a supplemental feeder for dart frogs.  Globular springtails reproduce quickly and easily. This is a starter culture in an 8oz deli cup on substrate with 40+ springtails.  Please see the Large Master culture listing for booming large established cultures with 500+ springtails.

Humid/Tropical Springtails - Folsomia Candida,  Seira dowlingi. Silver, Entomobrya confusa Compost Varicolor, Coecobrya communis "Sinella Tropical Pink", Lepidocyrtus fimicolus 24K, Pseudosinella alba Prospectors, Pseudosinella rolfsi Rutabaga Runners, Pseudosinella violenta Bylas Ant, Priostoma minuta, Yuukianura aphoruroides Orange, Neanura growae Florida Orange, Lobella sp. Thai Red, Ceratophysella Sp. Yellow, Ceratophysella Sp. Lilac, Arrhhopalites caecus Globular Cave, Desoria trispinata Blue Velvet.

Semi-Arid Springtails - Coecobrya communis Sinella Tropical Pink, Seira dowlingi Silver, Entomobrya confusa Compost Varicolor, Entomobrya unostrigata Cotton Springtails, Lepidocyrtus fimicolus 24K, Arrhhopalites caecus Globular Cave.


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