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Spingtail Soil - 1 gallon

Spingtail Soil - 1 gallon

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This is the exact soil substrate we use for our springtails, and they thrive on it!  The ingredients are: peat moss, organic topsoil, wood mulch, and aragonite sand.  The one-gallon bag weighs 2 pounds.  The soil is shipped in a dry state to save money on shipping costs, and it also allows the user to better control the moisture content needed.  Any non-chlorinated water can be used to dampen the soil.

Our process for dampening the soil is to add 2.5-3 cups (start on the lower end) of non-chlorinated water to one gallon of soil.  We like to place the soil in a large microwave-safe bowl, add the water, and microwave for 5 minutes.  This helps the soil absorb the water, and it also helps to rid the soil of any unwanted pests.  Let the soil cool completely before using.  Another option is to use hot water, add the soil to a heat-safe bowl, and pour the water carefully onto the soil.  Be careful as the water and soil will be hot!  You do not need to heat the soil or water at all.  Hot water just absorbs more quickly into the soil.   NOTE: Use caution when heating up the soil in the microwave.  Do not leave unattended.  The soil will be hot so use caution.   


Supplies normally ship separately from live insects.  If you order supplies and the supplies can safely fit into the insulated box with your live insects, we will do so and process a refund if the shipping cost is less than what was paid. 

If product is showing out of stock, please email or chat to see if the item is available. 

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