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*SPRINGTAILS* Seira dowlingi "Silver" Springtails *EXCELLENT SEMI-ARID SPRINGTAIL*

*SPRINGTAILS* Seira dowlingi "Silver" Springtails *EXCELLENT SEMI-ARID SPRINGTAIL*

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Small moderate reproducing springtail that tolerates both arid and humid environments.  They are an excellent cleaner and additional food source for small amphibians and reptiles.  They thrive in bioactive enclosures and isopod bins.  Silver springtails are one of our favorite all-around workhorse springtails.  The 8oz. culture is on a soil substrate, and it contains 50+ springtails.  Please see listing for Large Master Cultures for large booming established cultures with springtails.  Great beginner springtail.  This springtail was formerly known as Entomobrya sp. Silver springtails.


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I got these for my leopard gecko enclosure and I’m very pleased! They came quickly and carefully packaged. And it’s a good sized colony for my little dude’s tank.


I should have taken a picture to share here of the springtails when I unboxed them. I put them in my terrarium and they are SO hard to get a picture of because they are so small. But I can definitely see them in my isopods food dish, so they are doing well. My order arrived on time and was packaged EXTREMELY well. This was my first ever order of bugs/insects of any kind, so I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that I wanted insects for my terrarium (also first time having/building one). I'm so glad I chose iheartbugs. I also purchased some isopods (in a separate order). Spoiler alert, they're amazing, Sara (the owner) is amazing. Check out my review (with pics) under the St. Lucia isopods.


Tons of springtails, very happy with the count, packaging, and quality :)


Great service thanks!


Thank you.