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Sea Grape Leaf Litter - One Gallon

Sea Grape Leaf Litter - One Gallon

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One gallon bag of sea grape leaves/leaf litter.  Great for use in bioactive enclosures and isopod bins.  Sea grape leaves are a thicker circular leaf that ranges in size from 3" to 10".  Due to the thickness, they work very well in bioactive enclosures.  Dart frogs will sometimes lay eggs on the leaf, and other reptiles, amphibians, and isopods/springtails will use the leaves as hides.  We highly recommend these leaves.

PLEASE NOTE:  These leaves are hand gathered and very clean, and we do our best to pick through the leaves to remove unwanted debris, but leaves are a natural product, and on a rare occasion the box may contain twigs, grass clippings, acorns, soil, sand, seashells, and other types of debris left behind by humans (paper, cigarette butts, etc.).  We recommend you look closely at the leaves when adding them to your enclosure.

Supplies normally ship separately from live insects.  If you order supplies and the supplies can safely fit in the box with your live insects, we will do so and process a refund if the shipping cost is less than what was paid.

If product is showing out of stock, please email or chat to see if the item is available. 

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