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Porcellio scaber "Dalmatian"

Porcellio scaber "Dalmatian"

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*If your temperature is under 40F or above 80F, box must be held for pick up for live arrival guarantee.  Even if you will be home to receive the package, these are live animals and cannot survive extreme temperatures in a hot or cold delivery vehicle all day.  Live arrival guaranteed for the count purchased.  It does not include any extras that may be sent.

Hold for pick up can be requested by typing HOLD in text box below the "quantity" button.  Your order will be held for pick up at your local post office.

Check out our natural decor - seed pods, leaf litter, moss, and other botanicals and bioactive natural decor ship free with CUCs, isopods, and springtails.

P. scaber "Dalmatian" are white with gray/black speckles, and they are a popular isopod.  They are easy to keep and reproduce slowly to moderately.  Like other scaber, they can also used in some bioactive setups. P. scaber isopods love protein.  We provide our scaber isoods cuttlebone, fish flakes, dried fish/shrimp, and vegetable scraps such as carrot and squash.  Scaber care requirements are the same as other common isopods.  Please see our blog and YouTube channel for care information.

 10 isopods.



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