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*SPRINGTAILS* Large Producing Master Springtail Cultures

*SPRINGTAILS* Large Producing Master Springtail Cultures

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*If your temperature is under 40F or above 80F, box must be held for pick up for live arrival guarantee.  Even if you will be home to receive the package, these are live animals and cannot survive extreme temperatures in a hot or cold delivery vehicle all day.  Live arrival guaranteed for the count purchased.  It does not include any extras that may be sent.  Please read full shipping policy.

Fully producing mature master springtail culture in a 48 fluid ounce (6 cup) container on a soil substrate.  Don't have several months to wait to have a fully producing springtail culture, or have you struggled to get your springtail culture producing hundreds and hundreds of springtails?  This is the culture for you!  

If you don't wish to take a scoop of the soil with the springtails in it, an easy trick is to put a piece of charcoal on top of the soil, and the springtails will gather on the charcoal.  The charcoal can then be tapped to release the springtails where you need them.  Make sure to open the container and feed twice a week.  Each time you remove some soil, replace the soil you removed with fresh soil.  Removing some soil and replacing it with fresh soil on at least a monthly basis and feeding small amounts twice a week will keep your springtails happy and healthy.  We have springtail cultures that are over eight years old and thriving by simply using this remove-and-replace method.

If you need a lot of springtails, the Pseudosinella violenta "Bylas Ant" are our favorite fast-reproducing springtail.

Springtails available in master cultures:  Folsomia candida "Temperate", Coecobrya tenebricosa "Pink/Tropical", Pseudosinella violenta "Bylas Ant", Ceratophysella Sp. "Yellow", Neanura growae "Florida Orange", Mixed species, and Arrhopalites caecus "Globular Cave"

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