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Diatomaceous Earth Mite/Bug Barrier

Diatomaceous Earth Mite/Bug Barrier

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A large four-ounce shaker bottle of 100% natural diatomaceous earth.   Place a barrier of diatomaceous earth around your isopod, springtail, and fruit fly cultures to help prevent the spread of mites and other pests.  Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that will stop insects such as mites from passing through the barrier and spreading to other areas by drying the pest out that crosses through the powder.  

We have used diatomaceous earth for almost ten years.  We place newspaper under our fruit fly and springtail cultures, and we sprinkle a small barrier of the powder on the newspaper around where we place the fruit fly and springtail cultures so in the event one culture gets mites, the mites do not spread to other cultures.  Do NOT sprinkle inside the cultures/enclosures where the springtails, isopods, and fruit flies are -- only around the outside of the container or enclosure.  If you have an animal such as dart frogs that eats fruit flies, this method also works well by placing some diatomaceous earth around the outside of the bioactive vivarium, and any escaping fruit flies are stopped in their tracks.  Do not place inside bioactive enclosures.

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CAUTION:  May cause eye irritation.  Avoid eye contact.  Avoid breathing in powder.  Diatomaceous earth is 100% natural, but use proper precautions and wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes and a mask to avoid breathing in the powder.


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