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Cork Bark Flats - 3 Small pieces

Cork Bark Flats - 3 Small pieces

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Cork bark is a safe, natural product used in isopod bins, bioactive vivariums, terrariums, and aquariums.  Animals and isopods use it as a hide, and it also makes a stunning background in naturalistic bioactive vivariums.  It is great for mounting orchids, bromiliads, and air plants.

There are 3 pieces of cork bark flats that are generally between 3" to 4" wide and 3" to 8" long.  This size of cork bark is a great size for shoebox-sized isopod bins.   

****We do have sizes of cork bark flats ranging from 4" long to 20"+ long.***  Please chat or email us for other sizes, or you can check out our WYSIWYG cork bark flats.  We have a large selection of sizes.  

Cork bark normally ship separately from live insects.  If you order bark and the bark can safely fit in the box with your live insects, we will do so and process a refund if the shipping cost is less than what was paid.

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