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*SPRINGTAILS* Proistoma minuta Springtails - Blue Springtails

*SPRINGTAILS* Proistoma minuta Springtails - Blue Springtails

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Very small prolific blue/gray colored springtail.  They do not jump, and they reproduce easily. These work best as a clean-up crew in an enclosure with larger inhabitants that won't eat them.  This species had been misidentified by many, and it was being called Blue Podura.  There are Blue Podura springtails available on the market, but the species we have has been identified as Proisotoma Minuta.  This is an 8oz. culture on soil with over hundreds of springtails.  **NOTE** - These springtails are very small and due to their color are extremely hard to see in the soil, and you may think we sent you a cup of just soil.  You will not see movement in the cup.  The easiest way to see them is to look on the side of the cup, and you may see them on through the side of the cup sitting in the soil.  Using a magnifying glass makes it easier to see them, but you still have to know that what you are looking for is very tiny.  Also, if you are still struggling to see them, you can feed them a sprinkle of baking yeast, and the next day you will see the yeast is gone, which will let you know they are in there.  


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