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***Bioactive Desert/Semi-Arid 60+ Gallon Large Enclosure *Bug Den Kit* with Clean Up Crew

***Bioactive Desert/Semi-Arid 60+ Gallon Large Enclosure *Bug Den Kit* with Clean Up Crew

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 *If your temperature is under 40F or above 80F, box must be held for pick up for live arrival guarantee.  Even if you will be home to receive the package, these are live animals and cannot survive extreme temperatures in a hot or cold delivery vehicle all day.  Live arrival guaranteed for the count purchased.  It does not include any extras that may be sent.  Please read full shipping policy.


This bug den bioactive clean-up crew kit contains:

*Two small pieces of natural cork bark (approximately 3"x4" each)

*A large handful of dry sphagnum moss

*A quart of leaf litter (varies upon availability but is usually sea grape, palm leaves, and live oak leaves)

*50+ Trichorhina Tomentosa Dwarf White isopods

*50+ P. Pruinosus Party Mix isopods

*Two 8 oz. cultures of semi-arid mixed springtails on substrate.  The springtails in the 8 oz. cultures include Entomobraya Silver, Pseudosinella Bylas Ant, and Coecobrya tenebricosa Pink/Tropical.  

This combo pack will provide the essential microfauna for your bioactive enclosure.  These are safe and appropriate for most desert/semi-arid reptiles.  This kit is intended for 60+gallon enclosures.

Other isopods/springtails that do well in semi-arid bioactive enclosures include any P. Pruinosus Powder Blue or Orange or Oreo Crumble, Lepidocyrtus Cinereus 24K,  Entomobraya Sp. Silver, Sinella Curviseta Pink.  P. Laevis Gray/Dairy Cow/Milkback/Orange/White and P. Dilatatus Giant Canyon ; however, use caution when using them as a clean-up crew with small animals as they enjoy protein, and there is always a rare chance P. Laevis/P. Dilatatus could injure small animals if the isopods are not provided enough leaves or supplemental food such as veggie scraps and dried protein such as mealworms or fish flake.  

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